Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm "Delighted"

I'm delighted to have Riley Blake's "Delighted" cottons by The Quilted Fish available in the shop. Yes I know that was a bit cheesy, but I couldn't resist. These prints are so cheerful!

For the hundredth time I can't post photos....argh! I swear blogger hates me! Why can't I post photos? Can't a girl just post some pics? Pretty please!

Check out the prints in our shop. You can click on our Etsy sidebar.

So many fun things going on at home. Baby girl turned two, the temps are beginning to drop and I can feel a taste of fall in the air, little league football firsts and soccer firsts for the kiddos and of course with football here I am now a single mom again. Just kidding, only on Saturdays :)

Hope everyone is enjoying a taste of fall in your neck of the woods.

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